Why do we need this resource?

Relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) should play a vital role in the curricula of all schools and academies. Goodness and Mercy gives a structure and framework for schools to plan and implement RSHE in ways that are most effective in their own contexts.

How does Goodness and Mercy approach RSHE?

Goodness and Mercy offers an opportunity to ground the RSHE curriculum in an acknowledgment of the worth and dignity of all people, rooted in the Christian belief that all are divinely created and eternally loved. This offers an ethos that supports our sense of individual and communitarian value, affirms that relationships (including intimate relationships) should and can be life-giving and offers resounding reasons for looking after ourselves and others.

Does it fit with my own school?

Goodness and Mercy is written particularly with Church of England and Methodist schools and academies in mind (although it can of course also be used by other schools and academies). For Church of England and Methodist schools it is important that RSHE is informed both by the national vision and values for education and by each individual school’s vision.

What is the Church’s ‘Vision for Education’?

The resource aims to fully support the Church of England vision for education: “I come that they may have life in all its fullness” (John 10:10). This scripture grounds us in the recognition that having a positive relationship with ourselves and with others is foundational for a complete and fulfilled life.

Are there other resources?

There are lots of resources to help schools provide high quality RSHE to meet the Department for Education’s new 2020 requirements. This resource does not seek to retract or replace the excellent work already developed by experts in the field.