Katy Staples (author) would like to express her thanks:

To the Diocese of Bristol for allowing her the time to write these resources and, in particular, to Liz Townend (Diocesan Director of Education) for her support.

To the many colleagues who have offered insights and asked good questions: Adam Robertson, Tatiana Wilson, Katie Freeman and Nicola Coupe.

To Beverly Curl, who gave her lovely life-affirming artwork for free (it had been used as the invitation for her husband’s 70th birthday party).

To Professor Trevor Cooling for his comments on the underlying theology for these resources.

To Verity Holloway who has offered comments, wisdom and balance and who, with Kate Guthrie, allowed her to use some of the ideas and materials previously written for Love and Sex Matters.

To Derek Holloway, who has offered ideas, critique and support throughout.

To her two editors and contributors: Gillian Georgiou and Sam Ford – their comments and shaping have been incisive in their accuracy and wisdom.